Walford's Lucy and Ben to be recast

EastEnders is to recast the characters of Ben Mitchell and Lucy Beale after the actors currently playing them leave the show.

Charlie Jones, 13, is to be replaced in the role of Phil's troubled son, and another actress is to take over from Melissa Suffield, 17, as Ian's devious daughter.

Last week it was claimed that Walford chiefs were unhappy with Melissa's "unruly behaviour" away from the set.

An insider said: "They were both suited to playing younger versions of their characters but sometimes a higher level of experience is needed as their characters mature."

Ben's exit will be part of a plot involving his half-sister Louise, but the character will return to the show in the future, with another actor playing him.

Actor Charlie is said to be "inconsolable" at the news.

Lucy, however, will remain in Albert Square, but actress Melissa will be replaced.

A show spokeswoman said: "It's common practice to recast actors employed as children to take on more challenging adult storylines."

Source - MSN


Anonymous said…
Ugh, I want Melissa to stay! Facebook campaign? lol
Anonymous said…
thank god Ben is leaving he is the worse actor on the tv . is he gay in real live cos nobody could put that on ?
Anonymous said…
Don't recast!!!!!!!!!!
I really hate it when that happens. The characters always change and more often for the worse.
When Steven Beale was recast it was just wierd. His blonde hair was replaced with black and he was a psycho, it just isn't believable. The character of Sam Mitchell changed when she was recast too.
Melissa looks like a bitch so really suits the character Lucy. I hate to think what they will do with Ben Mitchell if the Steven Beale saga is anything to go by!!

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