Zoe Lucker: Vanessa is married

Zoe Lucker has revealed her new EastEnders character Vanessa Gold is married, despite throwing herself at Max Branning.

The Footballer's Wives star was cast in the soap by bosses who wanted a love interest for Max, played by Jake Wood, but revealed her vampish character is actually already taken.

Zoe told Digital Spy: "She's actually married. She turns up in the Square and is immediately taken with [Max] as he doesn't throw himself at her. He's very off with her and she's intrigued as she's not used to that kind of reception from men. She gets a real kick out of that."

The 36-year-old actress revealed of Vanessa: "She's very glamorous and a real risk-taker who gets bored very easily. She's quite a complicated one. She appears like she's one thing, but we slowly but surely realise that she's not everything she seems. There are a lot of layers to her.

"One thing, though, is that she's a doting mother - she adores her daughter Jodie. Vanessa gets on with women and men, and luckily they like her too. She's not condescending, mean or spiteful but she knows how to get her kicks. It's not calculating, as such - she just finds ways of keeping herself busy."

Zoe became a household name as villainous man-eater Tanya on Footballers Wives but insists Vanessa is quite different.

She said: "Tanya was a very manipulative and calculating person who would have done anything to get what she wanted out of life. Vanessa's a much more hard-working and more relaxed character on certain levels."

Source - MSN


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