Zoe Lucker's EastEnders contract extended

Zoe Lucker's 'EastEnders' contract has been extended.

The 36-year-old actress who made her first appearance as glamorous businesswoman Vanessa Gold last Friday impressed bosses so much, her initial seven-episode deal has now been increased to a more permanent role.

She said: "I've just signed a new contract, It's great, I'm so pleased.

"Vanessa was brought in to make Max realise that he still loves Tanya, while brightening up his life in the process. By the end of my first seven episodes, Vanessa's presence prompts Max to go and visit Tanya."

Vanessa is set to disappear for a few months before making a return later in the year, but Zoe insists producer Bryan Kirkwood has not yet explained why her character will come back to Albert Square.

She added to DigitalSpy: "I genuinely know nothing! But I trust Bryan and the writers so much that I'm really looking forward to it."

It has also been hinted that Vanessa's husband Harry - the father of her daughter Jodie - will eventually make an appearance too.

A source said: "It's a classic soap strategy to plant seeds in viewers' minds about a character months before we meet them, you only have to look at what they did with Archie Mitchell. No doubt Harry will find his way to the Square in the hope of learning what Vanessa's been up to."

Source - Virgin Media


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