Phil Mitchell's daughter desperation

Phil Mitchell could do something "desperate" when he fears losing his daughter.

The EastEnders hardman played by Steve McFadden is left fearing for the safety of Louise when her mother Lisa Fowler returns to Albert Square and is concerned she will take his child away.

Steve said: "People resort to doing desperate things when they lose their kids. You read about this sort of stuff in the papers all the time.

"He thinks Lisa is bad for Louise. He tells Derek the social worker that Lisa's mentally unstable which he truly believes. She shot him and she abducted his child. She stole her away from Phil and left the country."

Steve explained that Phil is already on edge and feeling guilty after his son Ben was jailed for assault.

He said: "He's very scared for Ben because he knows he'll suffer inside being such a soft and sensitive child. He's also feeling a bit guilty and thinks they all should have legged it when they had the chance."

And Steve hinted that Phil's upcoming addiction to crack cocaine could be linked to losing Louise.
He said: "I think the wheels would come off the cart if he loses his little girl."

Source - Virgin Media


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