Phil Mitchell's family shock

Peggy Mitchell enrages her son by handing her granddaughter over to her mother.

The EastEnders matriarch played by Barbara Windsor is devastated when Phil gives her a black eye after she criticises his parenting skills and decides to take Louise back to Lisa Fowler.

Peggy accompanies Louise on a visit to her mother and after learning Lisa left the youngster with Phil because she was suffering a nervous breakdown and didn't feel she could care for her daughter, Peggy realises Phil is now in a similar situation and tells Lisa to take her child back for good, much to the fury of the mechanic.

Steve said: "Phil thinks Lisa is mentally unstable. After all, she shot him and abducted his child, stealing her away from Phil and leaving the country. As you can imagine, he's not a big fan."

Though Peggy reassures her son that Lisa has promised they can see Louise whenever they want, he dashes round to his former lover's house and finds she has disappeared, prompting another row with his mother.

Steve added to Inside Soap magazine: "This is where the wheels really come off the cart for Phil. It's only the start."

Source - Virgin Media


Winona said…
Can't stand this vile tempered character, why doesn't someone bump him off?

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