Sam's chaotic EastEnders return

EastEnders' Sam Mitchell is back in Albert Square, and her arrival is filled with explosive sparks.

The blonde bombshell, played by Danniella Westbrook, leaves chaos in her wake when she turns up at the christening of Heather's baby, but soon upstages George on his big day by fluttering her lashes and locking lips with old friend and long-time admirer Minty Peterson.

The snog devastates George's mum Heather Trott and she flees the church with her son.

"Sam certainly creates a stir when she turns up. The question is if she is interested in Minty or is just using him," a show source told the Daily Mirror.

"Heather is gutted about the kiss because she's liked him for ages. She starts crying and runs away from the church. The christening is in chaos."

Sam, who returned to the show last September, left again in January after being arrested and thrown in prison. She rejoins the soap as her on-screen mum Peggy, played by Barbara Windsor, prepares for her exit.

Source - MSN


adamantixx said…
when is dear old Minty going to realise that Heather's got more love in her little finger than Sam has in her entire body?

some people just refuse to find happiness!

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