Charlie: Truth would destroy Janine

EastEnders Janine Butcher would be "absolutely destroyed" if she ever found out Ryan Malloy's secret, actress Charlie Brooks has said.

The feisty minx is set to pop the question to her boyfriend (played by Neil McDermott), without knowing he is actually the dad of Stacey Branning's baby Lily, but is sure to be heartbroken when the truth is revealed.

"Janine will be absolutely destroyed when she finds out, Janine doesn't know that the two of them slept together all those months ago, but has an inkling something definitely went on," the 29-year-old told Inside Soap.

"It makes her feel really insecure. She wants Ryan all to herself, and the idea of a baby snatching his attention away would be devastating."

Charlie who has played Janine for 11 years is keeping schtum as to whether her conniving alter-ego would actually walk up the aisle for the third time.

"The idea of getting hitched again is a bit daunting for Janine, but I think that deep down she really only wants to be with Ryan," she said.

"I reckon she actually is in love with him, and Ryan clearly adores her too, so he may be the man to tame her wild ways. We'll have to see whether they actually make it to the altar."

Source - MSN


Anonymous said…
Janine and Ryan are Boring.
I reckon that Janine would feel "insecure" with anyone, in any situation, anywhere.
If the best they can do with these two is a double act of hate/love, one-up-man-ship, petty crime and playing tricks on others, then maybe it's time one of them left the Square.
Anonymous said…
I think that Janine should be left to wallow for a while and that Stacey should get some happiness. Poor Stacey...Ryan clearly is better suited to Stacey and they would make lovely parents and if he can help Janines stupid sick head then he can definately help Stacey through her natural troubles. GO STACEY AND RYAN!!!!

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