EastEnders actress expecting baby

EastEnders actress Patsy Palmer is pregnant, the BBC has said.

Palmer, who already has three children, first appeared as Bianca Jackson in the BBC1 soap opera in 1993. She returned in 2008 to reprise the role after nearly a decade away.

The actress rekindled her popular on-screen relationship with actor Sid Owen, who plays Ricky Butcher, and their characters remarried this year.

In real life she is married to Richard Merkell.

A BBC spokeswoman said: "We can confirm that Patsy is pregnant and she is delighted."

Source - MSN


Winona said…
I 'love' Bianca; now there's a proper East End woman. She fights like a Tiger for her kids, speaks her mind, yeah, maybe a bit too much.
Congrats on the new baby, Patsy, am right now trying to guess what the writers have in mind to give you your mat-leave.
Still trying to figure out if it's Bianca who wears a wig for the show, or Patsy who wears one for Patsy.
Lovely colour, b.t.w.

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