Jane Beale seeks Ian revenge

Eastenders Jane Beale will take revenge on her husband Ian after finding out he betrayed her.

Laurie Brett who plays broody Jane in the BBC soap admits her alter-ego is devastated when she learns her spouse helped his daughter Lucy arrange an abortion instead of giving the baby to Jane to raise as planned.

Laurie revealed: "She can't believe Ian would do this to her after everything they've been through. Jane doesn't feel she can ever forgive him and plans to leave him. She plans to take Ian for every penny."

Jane is unable to have children herself, since her stepson Steven shot her in the abdomen and caused her to need a hysterectomy.

Although disappointed about the secret abortion, the cafe worker was most upset about being the only family member kept in the dark.

She said: "Jane's distraught. She talks to Peter because he's the one person in the family she can trust and he confirms they all knew. It hurts that they all lied. If Lucy had told Jane she wanted an abortion she would have supported her even though she desperately wants a child herself. She'd have put Lucy's needs first, not hers."

In a bid to seek revenge on her lying husband, Jane also considers accepting Ian's offer to adopt his son Bobby so that she can take him with her when she leaves.

Laurie said: "Jane tells Denise that being Bobby's adoptive mother will allow her to hit Ian harder when she leaves."

Source - Virgin Media


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