Martin Kemp delighted by EastEnders exit

Martin Kemp is happy he had such a dramatic exit from EastEnders.

The Spandau Ballet star admits he loved his time on the BBC One soap but was delighted when show bosses sent his character out with a bang by blowing up his car.

Martin, who played bad boy nightclub boss Steve Owen for three years, said: "I was happy the writers penned such a dramatic exit for Steve. Playing him was one of the best times of my life but there came a point when I was just doing the same storylines in a different suit with a different girl."

Martin admits he knew it was time to move on from the show when he left in 2002.

He explained to Inside Soap magazine: "There was only so much character to do and that's when I realised it was time to move on."

However, Martin has previously revealed that he would love to come back as Steve's "evil twin."
He said: "I want the producers to ring me up and get me back on the show. Steve was blown up, but I could come back as his evil twin!"

Source - Virgin Media


Anonymous said…
huh, sounds like a typical response of an actor who's time was up, saves face by saying it was "time to move on" but wishes like anything the producer would call him back ( from the dead ) in the form of an "evil twin" yet; yeah.

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