Neil McDermott promises explosive wedding

EastEnders Neil McDermott promises "explosive" scenes in his character's wedding to Janine Butcher.

The actor who plays Ryan Malloy in the BBC soap admitted the upcoming ceremony may not go to plan, hinting that the revelation he is the father of Stacey Branning's baby may cause some problems.

He said: "The wedding episodes are going to be explosive. We did lots of night shoots, and it's all around the same time as Peggy's exit. It's pretty exciting stuff.

"Ryan's main priority is Janine. I really don't know how he's going to wriggle out of his situation with Stacey."

When asked about whether he will continue to play a father on-screen, Neil replied: "I'm not sure about Ryan actually."

The actor also said he found scenes where Stacey gave birth, and her subsequent struggle to care for their daughter Lily made him a little "freaked out" because he had just found out his own wife was pregnant.

He added: "I'd found out my own wife, Michelle, is pregnant. I remember being freaked out by the stuff I was shooting with Lacey and yet not being able to tell anyone the news because my wife hadn't reached 12 weeks at the time."

Source - Virgin Media


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