Nitin: Make Masood snog Jane again

EastEnders star Nitin Ganatra wants his character Masood Ahmed to have more snogs with Jane Beale.

Nitin, who plays married postman Masood Ahmed, has locked with actress Laurie Brett in the soap before and joked that she is a "really hot kisser".

He told Inside Soap magazine: "I'd give anything for Masood to have another snog with Jane."

He went on: "Laurie Brett is a really hot kisser - she has lips like a bouncy castle!

"I'd like him to pucker up with more women in general, actually. I wonder what would happen if you put Masood and Roxy together? I think he has a secret fetish for blonde women!"

Source - MSN


Carla said…
He definitley shouldn't! he's been horrible to Christian, if anything, Jane should punch him, just like he did to Christian!!
Winona said…
He was certainly not nice to Christian, but generally he's lovely, and really, you couldn't blame him under the circumstances; he could have done worse but didn't!
He's gorgeous IMO, LOL "lips like a bouncy castle" well that's very descriptive but I must say, I've never kissed a bouncy castle ;)
Carla said…
What do you mean you couldn't blame him? He's homophobic! And so what if Christian was horrible to Zainab? Think about the times she's been horrible to him!!
Winona said…
I don't see Masood as a homophobic.

I see him as a generally mild-mannered man, married to a hot-headed woman, and trying to deal with her outspoken disappointment and humiliation as per being part of a tight-knit group.

He is also head of a religious household ( notice I did not say "Muslim" but 'religious'.)

He didn't beat Christian but preferred to behave passively by NOT calling him an ambulance.

Guilty of not behaving in a responsible manner, hardly surprising though, under the circumstances of the moment.
Carla said…
What's that supposed to mean? There was no excuse whatsoever!

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