Tanya Franks defends crack plot

EastEnders star Tanya Franks has spoken out in defence of her crack cocaine storyline.

In the soap, her drug addict character Rainie has helped lure Phil Mitchell into smoking the drug, and the plot has prompted many complaints from viewers.

But the actress told the Sun: "I wasn't surprised that people complained because it's pushed a boundary. But in my opinion, the good that comes from storylines like this far outweighs whatever concerns people may have."

She went on: "It's been very well handled and as true and real as it could be before the watershed. They've been very brave with it and I give full credit to EastEnders for that."

Tanya, who is also a familiar from sitcom Pulling, added: "If EastEnders has saved one life by putting this story out it's been worth it."

She has been in touch with the DrugScope charity to research the role, and said she understood that "this drug grips you from the first hit".

Source - MSN


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