Video: Carol confronts Bianca

Carol finally confronts Bianca in a humiliatingly public showdown.


Y Dim ond un said…
This must be the lead up story to Patsy Palmer's 'mat-leave', don't tell me, a massive fall-out with "Rick-aaaay" ;)
Hope Carol sticks around though, she hasn't changed since she was first in the Square.
Anonymous said…
Carol really is losing it; she needs a bloke of her own to distract her from stirring up trouble for her kids.
At least her character is running true to form.

Since when would Janine be looking so disturbed after Carol dumped the knickers in the Square?

The way she was clinging onto Ryan, the pair of them looking all concerned, like.
Instead you'd have thought she'd be loving her ring-side seat at the airing of someone else's 'dirty linen' in public.
Winona said…
I like Bianca; wish I'd had a mum like her.
She'd have made a great counselor, social worker or something like that.
She has the rare ability of being able to connect with everyone.
She's fabulous with her little kids, can identify with Whitney and her mum, even though she's not had the best relationship with her.
She's forgiving, and can really put herself into her mum's head, and sees that Carol does have problems that prevent her from being the best she can be.
Love Live Bianca!
Winona said…
uumm...I meant to say Long Live Bianca, not that anybody cares :(( LOL :))
ummmm....something else...
How come No One is on here?

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