E20 star thrilled by Flawless cameo

EastEnders: E20 newcomer Heshima Thompson was thrilled to be reunited with his old friends from Flawless when the dance group cameoed on the show.

The Britain's Got Talent stars make an appearance on the second series of the online spin-off, in which Heshima plays street dancer Asher.

The 23-year-old said: "My character has quite a bit of interaction with Flawless. I know some of the guys. We used to dance together when I was younger, so it was amazing when they came down to the set."

He went on: "It was like, 'We're actually on Albert Square together. How crazy is this?'"

Dance group Avant Garde also make an appearance in the show.

"We've brought street dance to Albert Square, which is awesome, so prepare for dance!" Heshima added.

In the show, Asher is the protective older brother of Solomon Levi (Tosin Cole), and has previously spent time in jail.

Describing his character, Heshima said: "I've been a father figure to Solomon and had to look after him. It's taken its toll and resulted in me having run ins with the law. This series is the process of me through dance moving away from the past I had."

The show also features Emaa Hussen as Naz and Amanda Fairbanks-Hynes as Stevie.

Catch E20 on Tuesdays and Thursdays from Tuesday September 7, and Monday nights on BBC Three for the omnibus.

Source - MSN


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