EastEnders Emer Kenny: It's me Cathy

EastEnders star Emer Kenny has revealed her dream role is that of Catherine Earnshaw from Wuthering Heights.

The actress, who plays Zsa Zsa Carter in the soap and also helped pen the web spin-off, EastEnders: E20, is a massive fan of the Emily Bronte novel.

She said: "I've always wanted to play Catherine Earnshaw. I read the book in two days when I was about 10 and have been obsessed with her ever since."

She went on: "She's not a very nice character but I love her and I love that book to death. But there have been so many adaptations that I don't think they'll do it again."

If that role doesn't materialise, Emer would be keen to try something "action-y".

"When I did stunts as Zsa Zsa I absolutely loved it. It was really exciting," she added.

The actress has finished filming at the BBC One soap, and wants to continue both writing and acting in the future.

"I'm doing a really exciting project at the moment and want to keep going, doing whatever I can, writing, acting, trying different things. I want to do both, absolutely."

Source - MSN


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