Janine Malloy's 'nasty' baby antics

Janine Malloy turns into "the nastiest b***h" ever when she discovers her husband is the father of Stacey Branning's baby.

The feisty EastEnders newlywed played by Charlie Brooks is set to "go crazy" after learning her new spouse Ryan Malloy deliberately didn't tell her he's Lily's father, and Janine vows to seek revenge against Stacey.

Actress Charlie Brooks admits: "She announces that she wants a divorce. She goes and sits outside the café to have a think but before long, she's striding over to Stacey's stall with Ryan's suitcase and chucking his clothes all over the place, which soon gets Stacey's attention.

"Janine throws her wedding ring at a wall and locks herself in her flat. Ryan is hammering on the front door, but she ignores him and picks up the phone to social services."

Janine then complains to the authorities that Stacey has been neglecting baby Lily, but when social workers turn up to check on the tot they realise it has been a hoax.

Stacey then flips out when she realises what Janine has done, and attacks her in Albert Square.

Charlie explained to Inside Soap magazine: "Stacey marches straight over to Janine and lays into her - but Janine doesn't fight back. She's prepared to let Stacey beat her black and blue, and she does deck Janine good and proper! Janine just lets her, so she can go to the police and have Stacey arrested for grievous bodily harm (GBH). That way she'll get Lily taken away from her after all. Janine is being as conniving as you'd expect, and her actions won't disappoint."

Source - Virgin Media


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