Maslen: Male relatives hate EastEnders

EastEnders star Scott Maslen has confessed that his soap divides the men and women in his family.

The actor, who plays Jack Branning, said his male relatives all hate the show, but watch it regardless.

He told Inside Soap: "They all watch EastEnders when it's on, and the women love it but the men hate it!"

He went on: "They tune in nonetheless. My granddad keeps asking me when it's going to get fun.

"He wants the characters to be able to have a laugh and a joke all the time.

"I have to explain to him that the show isn't about that, it's about the drama."

Viewers will be gripped by dramatic scenes when Jack and Ricky Butcher agree to take a paternity test to discover who is the father of Sam Mitchell's baby.

Scott is set to have plenty of screen time soon, as he has also been signed up to compete in Strictly Come Dancing.

Source - MSN


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