Brooks: Janine would destroy Stacey

EastEnders' newlywed Janine Malloy will go to any lengths to get rid of her rival Stacey Branning, actress Charlie Brooks has revealed.

Next week, viewers will see Janine kidnap Stacey's baby Lily and stop the car, which also has the baby's dad Ryan Malloy inside, on a railway crossing.

Fans are wondering whether Janine, who is jealous about her husband's growing closeness with Stacey, will be responsible for Stacey's eventual departure from the show.

"There are no lengths Janine won't go to in order to get rid of her," Charlie told Inside Soap.

"She will do whatever it takes to have Ryan - and if she can't have him, she won't let anyone else have him either."

Now that Janine knows Archie Mitchell raped Stacey, fans are wondering if she'll discover that the new mum was the one who killed him.

"I'd love her to find that out so she's got something against Stacey," Charlie said.

Earlier this month, executive producer Bryan Kirkwood revealed that Stacey's exit from the show would be the focus of the Christmas storyline.

It has also been reported that Janine will try and poison husband Ryan by crushing drugs into his food when her jealousy gets the better of her.

Source - MSN


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