Coulson: Too soon to kill Billie

EastEnders star Lindsey Coulson has criticised the decision to kill off her screen son Devon Anderson - branding the move "premature".

This week Walford's Carol Jackson is left devastated when son Billie dies from alcohol poisoning, less than a year after the pair returned to Albert Square.

Lindsey told Inside Soap magazine: "Part of me thinks that writing out Devon was a bit premature. He's very talented, and there were lots of stories they could have told about Billie."

Although she admitted the plot has "huge shock value" and is a big challenge for her as an actress, she said she was "so sad" to see Devon go.

"I've known him since he was six years old, and we have a lovely relationship. When we had to play the scene where Carol sees Billie lying dead in the living room, it was really sad - not just because a mum had lost her son in tragic circumstances, but also because I felt almost as though I was losing Devon too."

Source - MSN


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