E20's Tosin 'nervous' about dancing

EastEnders E20's Tosin Cole has admitted he was "nervous" about showing off his moves in front of dance act Flawless.

In the series finale, the actor who plays Solomon Levi got to dance alongside the troupe, who appeared in Britain's Got Talent last year.

"You have people like Flawless and all these professional dancers here, you get a bit nervous - learning to dance was very, very, very stressful," he said.

His moves won the approval of castmates Heshima Thompson, who plays his on-screen elder brother Asher, Emaa Hussen (Naz) and Amanda Fairbank-Hynes (Stevie).

"I'm so proud of him, especially because he's an actor first so you have to throw yourself into it and go for it," gushed Heshima.

Emaa added: "He was the best. It's nice to finish on that note, not just for the day but for the whole series."

But the girls joked they could have done a better job than Tosin.

"We actually think we would have been better than Tosin. We'll show him some moves," joked Amanda.

Emaa added: "We should have been dancing with Flawless."

Source - MSN


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