I felt suicidal, confesses Kara

Kara Tointon has confessed she felt suicidal after quitting EastEnders and failing to get another acting role.

The 27-year-old actress who is now competing in Strictly Come Dancing, left the soap last August, only to struggle to find work.

Kara told Fabulous magazine: "I'll be honest, I've felt suicidal - I know that sounds dramatic but it's really tough out there. You're used to being busy and then, all of a sudden, you're not. It's the worst thing ever."

She went on: "Acting-wise it's been on its knees. It's a disaster out there. It's been so, so difficult. I've thought about giving up acting for good. Many times.

"When you're working, it feels worth all the hanging around. But during the down times, you're just waiting for the phone to ring - it's awful.

"I find myself staring at the phone, thinking: 'Won't you just ring?!' And it doesn't."

Kara, who starred in EastEnders as single mother Dawn Swann for four years, revealed she knew her character's future was bleak when the actors who played her family began to be written out of the soap.

She said: "Once your on-screen family starts disappearing, you know you're a goner. For the past year, all I'd been doing was ordering a sandwich once a month in the caff, so there was nothing left to do.

"It was the best job I'd ever had and I loved it so much, but I knew it was time to go."

Source - MSN


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