Lacey wants more live episodes

Lacey Turner gets such a buzz from performing live that she wishes every episode of EastEnders could be live.

The actress, who has won awards for her portrayal of troubled Stacey, said her favourite storyline was the live episode last February, when Archie's killer was unveiled.

"I loved doing the live episode - if it were up to me, every episode would be live, but I'm not sure the rest of the cast would agree with that," she told Inside Soap.

"It was the fastest 30 minutes of my life, and the atmosphere was unbelievable."

Lacey, who will be bowing out after playing Stacey for six years, has been taken aback by the public's reaction to her character.

"I'm so happy that people love Stacey. I think the viewers sympathise with Stacey because she's been through so many terrible things. They always have nice things to say. They feel sorry for her, so she quite literally gets away with murder!" she added.

Source - MSN


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