EastEnders boss descends Phil recovery

EastEnders head honcho has defended Phil Mitchell's speedy recovery from crack addiction and hinted he may have a relapse one day.

Viewers saw the hard man, played by Steve McFadden, rapidly descend into a squalid mess and burn down the Queen Vic as his addiction took hold, but he now appears to be his old self again.

The show's executive producer Bryan Kirkwood told the Radio Times: "Crack is a binge drug and advice we received from Dugscope suggests that drug users like Phil can have these binges and then abandon crack again.

"Phil has an iron will and now we've seen him throwing his mania and appetites into other things, his mentoring of Jay and his affair with Glenda. That's not to say he won't relapse. Who's to say what might happen in the future?"

John Yorke, BBC controller of drama production, admitted sometimes "minor subtleties" had to be sacrificed for the sake of the story.

"'Characters take drugs without effect' isn't really a story. 'Characters take drugs and have a meltdown' is and so there's a temptation to play out the worst-case scenarios," he added.

Source - MSN


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