Ganatra: It's time Masood got tough

EastEnders star Nitin Ganatra reckons it's time his alter ego Masood Ahmed toughened up.

The actor said his character, an affable postman, has earned the right to be bad.

He told Inside Soap: "We've seen the nice side of him, the funny side of him, the compassionate side of him, so I think it's time he toughened up. I reckoned Masood has earned the right to be bad now."

Viewers will see a different side to Masood next week when he discovers that son Tamwar's new love interest Afia is the daughter of Yusuf, who happens to be the first husband of his wife Zainab.

And Nitin said Masood "explodes" at the sight of Yusuf in his kitchen.

"There's not even a moment to say hello, he just lays into him and roughs him up, then throws him out of the house.

"It was lovely as an actor to play Masood with a temper for once, I think he has the potential to get quite dark and violent."

Source - MSN


Anonymous said…
i agree; you know the saying "nice guys finish last"?
well, in soaps it's true; you're no one of importance if you don't play the villain and i'm sure Ganatra is tired of his role as the nice guy; no actor is challenged enough to win an award with easy going roles.

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