Jack Branning's kidnap shock

EastEnders Jack Branning is to be kidnapped on the eve of his wedding.

The Walford bad boy played by Scott Maslen will be kidnapped by a gang of thugs after he and brother Max force a petrified Harry Gold to promise to put a halt to his reign of terror over ex-wife Vanessa, who is now dating Max.

An 'EastEnders' insider explained: "Harry really steps up his campaign against Vanessa over the next few weeks and Max doesn't know what to do. Jack suggests they rough him up a little to get their message across.

"So Max persuades Harry to come and talk but as soon as he arrives Jack pushes him into the wall. He shows Harry that he's messing with the wrong blokes and he's forced to plead with Max to get his brother to stop.

"They let him go after he agrees to quit making Vanessa's life a misery and as far as the Branning brothers are concerned, that's the end of the matter."

However, when Harry decides to act out his revenge by kidnapping Jack the night before his wedding, his pregnant wife Ronnie Mitchell is left wondering whether the nuptials will go ahead.

The source added to the Daily Star on Sunday newspaper: "There's no way Harry is going to let them get away with it and he takes great pleasure in showing Jack that he's not one to be messed with either.

"Ronnie has no idea what's going on and viewers will have to wait and see whether he makes it to their wedding."

Source - Virgin Media


Anonymous said…
jack, ronnie and roxy are boring; it's been so good with ronnie away...will be sorry to see her back again, she's so mardy.
Anonymous said…
This is so annoying afte rall Ronnie, Jack & Roxie have been through! They could of been happy for once and adspecially now Ronnie is having a baby! My favourite character is Kat, she's so awesome and always laughing and happy! She's just lighted up the whole square! :D

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