Tamwar 'may show his wild side'

EastEnders Tamwar Masood will surprise audiences as he finally gets a love life, his alter ego has revealed.

Actor Himesh Patel said the geeky teenager might even pull out a wild side as his character develops.

He told Inside Soap: "I'm glad that I'm able to explore another side to Tamwar's character. The best thing about him is that he's so layered.

"You peel away one layer and see something else underneath. I think the audience is going to be surprised by what they see next. Who knows, there could even be a wild side in there."

Viewers will see Tamwar share a snog with pal Afia at his home after he joins a dating website and she sends him a message.

Himesh said: "It's quite sweet, really. Afia is someone who can let Tamwar be himself. They don't do anything overly saucy, but they share a nice kiss together."

However, his mum Zainab returns home unexpectedly and interrupts their clinch.

"But I think she's secretly happy to meet Afia - and Tamwar's thrilled with how things have turned out," Himesh added

Source - MSN


Anonymous said…
i'm glad that tam is finally getting some meat to his story lines...so far, he's been sort of one dimensional; he's a good looking bloke too, behind those glasses!

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