Booth: Tanya may go back to Max

Stefan Booth believes Tanya and Max Branning may have a chance of getting back together.

The EastEnders actor plays Tanya's new love interest, Greg Jessop, and while he wants everything to work out for Greg and Tanya, he thinks she might still have feelings for her cheating ex-husband Max.

Stefan told Soaplife: "I know there's a danger Tanya could end up back with Max again, but I'd like to think their future could sustain a healthy long-term relationship."

But with Greg giving Tanya all the love and affection she never got from Max, Stefan is confident their relationship is safe, for now.

He said: "Max let Tanya down badly. But she can utterly rely on Greg. He absolutely adores Tanya and she knows that.

"She hasn't had that sort of doting affection from Max. No matter what happens, Greg will always be there for her. I think that's what she's after someone who's going to be true and genuine."

Source - MSN


Anonymous said…
Gee, I figured that out many months ago.
There hasn't been any sort of story with Greg and Tanya up till now, they just appear together now and then at parties. Sure he's a 'nice guy' but but so bland, just a filler.
The Real story is in how snipey Tanya can still be with and about Max; she still has feelings for him. Her head knows it's stupid to be jealous of Vannessa, but in her heart...

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