Brooks has Bible next to her bed

Charlie Brooks' devious on-screen antics as Janine Malloy have provoked viewers into sending her Bibles in the post, the star has revealed.

The EastEnders actress, whose alter ego pushed husband Barry to his death and has been poisoning her latest spouse Ryan, even receives messages in which fans beg for her salvation.

She said: "As fan mail, I get things like Bibles saying 'God help you'. I keep them in a drawer next to my bed!"

She said co-star Neil McDermott, who plays Ryan receives "pants, bras, and everything else" but he played down the fan attention, insisting: "I really just get normal letters from normal people."

The pair are currently involved in a love triangle plot which sees Ryan caught between Janine and his lover Stacey Branning, who bows out of the soap on Christmas Day.

Source - MSN


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