Square tones down cot death scenes

EastEnders bosses have made last-minute changes to the soap's harrowing New Year's Eve episode about cot death to avoid upsetting viewers.

Programme chiefs said they have made "small edits" to certain scenes in the show, which sees Ronnie Branning lose her day-old baby before swapping it with Kat Moon's newborn son, without altering the content of the story.

Executive producer Bryan Kirkwood said: "We're very aware of the need to deal with such an emotive subject matter as sudden infant death syndrome sensitively in what is a very powerful, dramatic storyline."

Shots of distraught Ronnie, played by Samantha Womack, touching the cold hand of her dead son have been edited out.

Producers have also toned down the sound of Kat's baby crying, which attracts Ronnie's attention as she clutches her lifeless son in Albert Square.

In a further change, they edited a scene which showed new mother Kat in blood-soaked pyjamas after husband Alfie finds her haemorrhaging in her bed.

Bryan went on: "These are small edits which we have made being mindful of viewer sensitivity but which will in no way detract from the compelling drama, dialogue or performances."

An EastEnders insider said: "We didn't want one scene to overshadow a really powerful story."

Producers made the changes following a preview screening of the New Year's Eve and New Year's Day episodes.

The soap has worked with the Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths (FSID) to ensure the story is portrayed accurately.

Source - msn


Anonymous said…
Thank goodness for "previous screenings", since the writers seem to live in their own little world of words.
They need a 'watch dog' before unleashing some of their more 'sensitive' story lines on the public.
Anonymous said…
The BBC should be hauled before the watchdogs for this scandalous story. Have they no feelings at all for people who have lost babies. Shame on you.
I think you have gone too far now, can´t watch Ronnie with baby Tommy whilst Kat and Alfie fall appart. It is more than just a cot death, it is sensational writing bordering on very sick. Not what the country needs right now to pull it out of it´s depressed state.
Anonymous said…
i really hope to god that this storyline ends Jessie Wallace is doing a fantastic job playing her role and i appreciate that this is a soap however i am unable to watch Eastenders at present i think the storyline is horrific and Kat needs to have her baby back straight away - this storyline is disgusting i cant believe what Ronnie is doing and after tonights show (Friday 7th Jan)when she wouldnt let Kat hold the baby for fear she might realise it is Tommy was distressing.Ronnie should be grieving properly for James as any normal parent would, not taking someone elses baby and making them suffer un nessacarily - when Kat and Alfie get Tommy back how will they bond when they have missed the most important months of his life please Eastenders do not prolong that storyline anymore. Sharron Watton - Jersey Channel Islands.

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