Early end for EastEnders baby swap plot

EastEnders bosses are to bring the controversial baby death plot which has prompted almost 6,000 complaints from viewers to an early end.

The storyline, in which Ronnie Branning loses her baby son to cot death on New Year's Eve before swapping him with Kat Moon's live newborn, has proved to be one of the most complained-about stories in the show's history.

But now the plot will be resolved in "months", according to the BBC. It had originally been planned to run for considerably longer.

The high-profile storyline is second only to the sudden death of Ronnie's daughter Danielle in a car crash in April 2009, which drew more than 7,000 objections from viewers.

Samantha Womack is to leave the show later this year, although her agent insisted yesterday that the decision was nothing to do with the storyline. He said she was bowing out of the soap as her contract reached a "natural end".

He said: "There's no truth whatsoever in any suggestion that Sam is 'quitting' EastEnders over the current storyline.

"Sam's contract comes to a natural end later this year and she will be taking a break from the show."

The BBC has responded to the floods of complaints, insisting the BBC1 show did not intend to "cause distress or upset".

Show bosses added that viewers would "see the situation resolve itself over the coming months".
Source - MSN


chloe said…
this story line is sick i love eastenders but it is so upsetting and i really like Ronnie but no one would take your friends baby and have it as your own who every wrote is sick it is horrible i hate this story line and get it over and done with please xxxx
Anonymous said…
I can't believe the writers planned on prolonging this storyline so long.
I mean, what and where can you go with it?

I Love Kat and Alfie and to watch them suffer needlessly will spoil their wonderful on screen personalities and I can see it breaking them apart as well.

Thankfully the viewers have shown their unhappiness with this story, let it end and let K & A get on with being a happy family. (Writers, you do know what 'happy' is, don't you)?
Unknown said…
I think this is a really good storyline and it further explores the darker sides to Ronnie's soul which we have not previously seen.
I disvuss this in more length on my blog


Check it out and comment.
Forgetmenot525 said…
I thought it was an excellent storyline. There is so much to be explored here. Babies DO get kidnapped by bereved mothers and cot death affects different people in different ways. The reaction of both sets of parents could have been explored in a realistic and sympathetic way. The effect of berevement on both marriages could be explored and the emotional reponse of Kat toward Ronny would have been very interesting, Kat is a characture who has been through a lot and has real empathy for Ronny. Once the initial shock of discovering the swap was over it would be interesting to see if Kat would be at all sympathetic toward Ronny who has obviously become very disturbed. I think its a shame this story line has been cut short, I thought there was a great deal of potentual for exploring the emotions of the charactures.
Anonymous said…
It looks as if there won't be much time for "exploration" of Ronnie Branning's character and soul as the actress is leaving the show, probably not too long after this crime has been found out.
Anonymous said…
I think the biggest tragedy here is that those who're complaining have won, when all the show's done is realistically portray a massively traumatised mother snapping.

What SHOULD have happened is that the storyline should've been welcomed as a way of increasing the awareness of the traumas experienced by bereaved parents - especially since this is the second child that she's lost in two years ... then again, like nearly all adoptees, poor Dannielle's been forgotten.
Anonymous said…
Am I the only one who feels that the real acting in these baby death/swap scenes has been done by Shane Ritchie and Jessie Wallace?

I've found myself crying with Kat and Alfie.
Their facial expressions, the way they have played their parts have been exceptional, and if anyone has the right to claim mental exhaustion from stretching their resources, those two actors have.

Samantha Womack hasn't had near the acting challenge that they both have had, and it's made me appreciate the Kat and Alfie actors even more.
Simone C. said…
If the writing and acting weren't so exceptional, no one would care about the story or characters. Kudos to all and luck to Samantha W. in all of her future endeavors.

As a side note, I'll be glad to see baby Tommy back with his rightful parents.
Anonymous said…
I can't understand why nobody has questioned the fact that the post mortem didn't show the true identity of the deceased child. Surely both babies can't possibly have the same blood group..........
Jen said…
Didn't the midwife ask Ronnie about baby Jack's foot and how it had miraculously healed? If so, surely the post mortem would have shown a bad foot on baby Tommy and questions would have been asked.
Anonymous said…
Exactly, I wondered about the "slight club foot" myself. Tommy was only two or three days old when the mid wife was called in.
The foot wouldn't have had a chance to right itself, and the fact that club foot was created for the baby and the mid wife noticed it's absence will play a part in the proving of the swap, surely.
Again I have to say how much I've been enjoying the acting of Kat and Alfie, even when Kat said goodbye to Charlie, it touched me, Well Done Jessie!
Anonymous said…
I just saw this but there are like over 9,000 angry viewer's. When i saw this for the spoilers, i told myself incoming. But hey, here's what EastEnders exuse is going to be. That's showbiz. If they say that, I'm gonna be mad. Someting that did make me happy was that Laurie Brett's pregnat. That's where I found out about the thousands of angry viewers. Now if you think this comment was useless I don't care. I just have to state my opinion. I'm glad my mom didn't see this episode though. I'm her only child and she would probably be crying.
Anonymous said…
Have watched this show for years - but am not watching eastenders again until Kat gets her baby back from Ronnie.

Mark Jay said…
Its not real!!!Its only a show!, you lot who get offended by this must live in a box. The outside world has alot harsher things than sawping a baby from one place to another. Wouldnt even waste my time or other peoples complaining. propper Loosers!

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