Janine 'to sell Whitney for sex'

EastEnders Janine Malloy will sink to new lows when she pimps out Whitney Dean for sex.

Former hooker Janine, played by Charlie Brooks, hits on the twisted idea when she goes to a nightclub with troubled Whitney, who has fallen out with her family.

When a couple of clubbers mistake the girls for prostitutes, Janine tells David it will cost him £50 to spend the night with the teenager.

Whitney goes home with the man, unaware her friend has sold her.

A Walford insider told the Daily Star: "Whitney is upset when the bloke leaves pretty sharpish. She's horrified when she later discovers he thought she was a hooker.

"From here it's a slippery slope. Life is going to get pretty rough for Whitney."

Show bosses have joined forces with Comic Relief for the storyline, which aims to highlight the issue of sexual exploitation.

Source - MSN


Simone C. said…
Hasn't poor,stupid Whitney suffered enough??

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