Maslen: Sam Womack may come back

EastEnders' Scott Maslen has revealed co-star Samantha Womack may return to the soap after she has had a break.

Sam, who plays Ronnie Branning, is bowing out of the show following her controversial baby swap storyline.

But Scott, who plays her oblivious husband Jack Branning, said viewers may see her again in Albert Square.

On the red carpet at the National Television Awards, he said: "She's going to go away for a bit, she needs a bit of a break. It was nothing to do with the story. That's not what triggered her leaving. Sam's been thinking about it for some time.

"She's got two kids, she works very hard and as a woman she wants to spend some time with her kids, which is natural and to be admired. She's going to have a little breather and who knows? She may well be back."

The storyline, which saw Ronnie lose her baby to cot death and then swap him with Kat Moon's live newborn, became the most complained-about plot in the soap's history.

Scott said Sam's had a hard time from some viewers.

"There's always a sector of society that believe what we do on TV is real. I love the public, I'm one of them, I'm from round here, but you've got to know when something is real and when it's not.

"I know issues affect people and they respond to those things but you've got to be a bit more real and not go up to people on the street and say 'You shouldn't have done that.' She's had quite a lot of it. That's a little bit disheartening and scary for her. She doesn't like being the centre of attention for these sort of reasons. But she is big and strong and understands it."

Source - MSN


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