Spoilers for 31 January - 3 February 2011

Monday 31 January 2011

Michael Moon returns to the Square and is horrified to discover his baby has died, in the week's first visit to the London Borough of Walford.

Meanwhile, Glenda is furious when she discovers Shirley and Phil are engaged.

Elsewhere, Max fires Darren when he messes up the relaunch of the car lot, and there's more misery for Darren as he and Jodie break up.

Finally, Janine convinces Whitney not to go to work but to get drunk instead.

Tuesday 1 February 2011

Michael and Jack reminisce about old times, in the latest visit to Albert Square. Jack brings Michael home and introduces him to Ronnie.

With no job or money, Janine and Whitney head to R&R and have drinks bought for them. Janine then thinks of a way Whitney can make her some money.

Meanwhile, Kat tells Ronnie that Michael was the father of her baby.

Thursday 3 February 2011

Kat and Alfie continue to argue, as the drama continues in Walford. When Kat has a heart-to-heart with Michael they end up kissing. But, unbeknown to them, they are not alone…

Elsewhere, Whitney is horrified when she realises what Janine has done.

Weddings are on people's minds as Darren proposes to Jodie, and Shirley invites people to her and Phil's engagement party.

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