EastEnd gals scrap for David Essex

Cheryl Fergison has revealed every woman at EastEnders wants their character to have a fling with David Essex.

The Hold Me Close heartthrob is joining the soap as Alfie Moon's uncle and Cheryl would love her character Heather Trott to find love with him, but thinks she'll have a fight on her hands.

Cheryl revealed: "There's a fight here at EastEnders for him and I know Linda's put her bids in for him, and various other people.

"I'll be stood at the door with a cappuccino and a sticky bun ready. I'm very excited as you can tell.

"But that's along with every other woman of the cast at the moment, were all hoping that we get an affair with him. I'm sure somebody will be, me and Linda (Henry who plays Shirley) will be fighting over him I think."

But Cheryl is hopeful Heather might win.

She said: "I think they should shock the nation and give him to Heather.

"Wouldn't it be nice if she had a fling with David Essex, the dream machine? I think he should come in as Heather's love interest which would really shock the nation because they would expect somebody else.

"I think there's a hundred-to-one shot that'll happen It'll be a turn up for the books, an 'Oh my gosh Heather did good'. Unfortunately, he's a little bit older than the men Heather usually has but she's not that fussy."

Source - msn


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