Richie: I made Alfie's fall harder

Shane Richie has revealed he enjoyed playing up Alfie Moon's happy side when returning to Albert Square, because he knew a terrible tragedy would befall him.

The EastEnders star knew about the controversial baby swap plot, which was to devastate Alfie and wife Kat, when he returned to the soap last autumn after five years away, and so decided to play on his character's optimism.

Shane revealed: "When I came back I knew what the storyline was going to be so I really enjoyed the first three months playing the jokey Alfie because I knew the more animated and bigger I made the character, the bigger the fall would be."

He continued: "Because I knew what was going to happen I enjoyed the whole comedy build-up."

The 47-year-old actor revealed he prefers playing the tragic storylines, as he finds them more of a challenge.

He said: "As an actor you want to play the dramas and I've really enjoyed playing this.

"Alfie, I like to think, has touched people's hearts with the portrayal of that particular storyline."

And Shane doesn't feel EastEnders needs to inject more humorous storylines into the soap, like rival Coronation Street.

He said: "EastEnders keeps playing the honesty, the truth. And the cot death and the baby swap, regardless of what people thought, we played the drama and the truth of it and as long as EastEnders keeps doing that...

"If we're going to play humour, the humour's got to be based in truth, there's nothing worse than trying to crowbar a joke in."

Source - MSN


T said…
Alfie is the best! I <3 Shane.

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