Rita Simons: Roxy needs to grow up

Rita Simons thinks her EastEnders character Roxy Mitchell needs to grow up.

The party-loving single mother seems to have forgotten she has young daughter Amy to care for, as she's absorbed by her attempts to become a surrogate mother for Syed and Christian for money, while carrying on a fling with bad boy Michael Moon.

Rita told Inside Soap: "Unlike Roxy, I've grown up - first and foremost I'm a mum."

The 33-year-old actress has four-year-old twin daughters with her hairdresser husband of 14 years, Theo Silverston.

She added: "I don't know how she'd manage to cope with what Theo and I have dealt with since our twins, Maiya and Jaimee were born."

Since she arrived in Albert Square in 2007 Roxy has had a string of affairs, has argued with sister Ronnie over several men, and managed to blow £3 million in a year.

She has promised to have a baby for Syed and Christian, but they are not happy when they find her romping with Michael.

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Holly said…
Her character does need to grow up, it's time she acted like a mum to Amy and if she really wants to help syed&Christian have a baby then she needs to get her act together! She can still be with Micheal she would just need to be a bit more careful. :D
Anonymous said…
maybe with her 'sister' Ronnie leaving, there will be a change in Roxy's character...i hope so, she's been kind of back-pedaling for a while now...nothing new, no changes, yes! she needs to grow up...

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