Roof caves in during Masood party

A dramatic EastEnders stunt has been filmed in which the roof of the Masoods' restaurant crashes down, it has been revealed.

The family's Argee Bhajee restaurant collapses during Tamwar's and fiancee Afia Khan's engagement party, according to Digital Spy.

A Walford source was quoted as saying: "These dramatic scenes were filmed a couple of weeks ago and will air in early April, providing some big drama for the Masoods on what should have been a happy day for Tamwar.

"Despite the ill-feeling between him and his parents, Syed is in the building when the disastrous party takes place. But what the accident could mean for the family feud remains to be seen."

Much of the plot is being kept under wraps, but it is thought that Syed Masood will be injured in the chaos.

Builder Greg Jessop warned that the roof would need new beams when he completed last-minute repair work in January for the restaurant's re-opening.

But the family, who have been feuding over Syed's relationship with Christian Clarke, have been beset by money worries.

Source - msn


Sierra Nordgren said…
An engagement party that turned into a disaster. How unfortunate. Builder Greg Jessop just did his job. The family is not to blame too because they lacked finances. I guess both parties should focus on rebuilding the house first before anything else.

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