Spoilers for 4-8 April 2011

Monday 4 April 2011

Jack finds Ronnie and they have a heart to heart, in the week's first visit to Albert Square.

Elsewhere, Tamwar is sick of his family interfering in his relationship with Afia and decides to do something about it.

Meanwhile, Michael persuades Roxy to sell the salon and suggests offering it to Tanya for a quick sale.

Tuesday 5 April 2011

Disaster strikes at Afia and Tamwar's engagement party when the roof of the Argee Bhajee collapses, as the drama in Albert Square continues.

Ricky, meanwhile, goes looking for Whitney and gets into trouble with the police, and Heather joins an online dating agency.

Elsewhere, Pat arrives back from New Zealand and is shocked to hear the news about Bianca and Whitney. And Carol informs Janine that her grandmother, Lydia, is ill in hospital.

Thursday 7 April 2011

Pat confronts Carol about what has been happening while she has been in New Zealand, in tonight's visit to Walford.

When Janine finds out Lydia is rich she kindly lets her stay at her flat to recuperate.

Meanwhile, Shirley asks Ben and Jay to help Heather upload a photo to her online dating profile.

Friday 8 April 2011

Abi bunks off school early to meet Jay but their date is interrupted by Lauren, in the week's final visit to Albert Square.

Ian, meanwhile, convinces Greg to let him be best man at his and Tanya's wedding so he can try to rekindle his romance with Jane.

Fatboy is jealous when he spots the chemistry between Mercy and Seb.

Masood is forced to admit to Zainab he knew the Argee Bhajee was not safe.

Elsewhere, Lauren sees a young girl who resembles Whitney being led into the police station by two police officers.


Jess said…
OMG. Just watched Friday episode. Whitney looked awful. Go on Lauren sort her out!
Josephine said…
I agree, Jessica. Whitney did not look her best, though she looks much better without all her disgraceful make up on. Behind it all, she looks like a beautiful angel. So sweet and innocent. Without the disgusting make up and chavvy clothes on, she would look beautiful. I am picturing her as my christian church mascot, in beautiful blouse and robes, though we would not ever expose human faces as our mascot.
Jess said…
Yeah... I think she looks much better with the make up on actually. Ain't she a bit, ugly without it? No not ugly, she still is pretty without it but looked a mess then. Poor Whit...
Josephine said…
'Yeah' is not a word, Jessica, nor is 'Ain't' and 'Whit' is not name. Nick names shall not be used as they are not in thee bible.
Sam said…
Wow 'as Whit had 'er 'air cut??
Josephine said…
Jessica! Samuel! Get a grip on the Engilish languge, please. Speak formaly and properly okay? No slang, shortenings, nicknames or abbreveations.
Morgss;) said…
Josephine- Stop correcting everyone! People will say what they want to say and say it how ever they like! You can't change anyone, and they certainly AIN'T going to listen to you. Sorry, but it had to be said....
Anonymous said…
exactly...besides its spelled 'formally'...haha get a dictionary and maybe a life...

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