Booth relishes EastEnders drama

EastEnders' Stefan Booth has insisted he doesn't mind everything going wrong in Albert Square, as it makes things more interesting.

The soap star's character Greg Jessop is currently on honeymoon with new wife Tanya , and doesn't know she is still in love with her ex-husband Max. Stefan admits the future doesn't look good for Greg and Tanya, but he doesn't care about EastEnders having the reputation for being a miserable soap.

Stefan said: "It's a drama! And from an acting perspective it's really good because we get some really gritty storylines, so from a personal point of view I really enjoy what they throw at us."

But despite all the challenging storylines, Stefan isn't feeling too cocky about EastEnders' chances at the British Soap Awards which are being held in Manchester next month.

He said: "It's how the votes go. We just do the best we can and if people are going to vote for the storylines and for the people, great. All that we can concentrate on is just doing a good job."

source - msn


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