EastEnders stars warned on leaks

EastEnders cast members have been threatened with losing their jobs if they are caught leaking storylines to the press.

Executive Bryan Kirkwood has sent a memo to the actors and crew claiming too much information about plotlines is being made public before the episodes are screened, The Daily Mirror reports.

Ironically, Kirkwood's memo has been leaked to the newspaper by an insider. It states: "Confidential information is being passed on.

"Please be assured that we are working hard with the BBC investigations service to find out who is doing this. When we do find out, action will be taken and the persons responsible will never work at the BBC again."

An EastEnders spokesperson said: "We are not pointing the finger of suspicion at any individual cast members.

"What the memo is saying is everyone is under a confidentiality agreement, so if you are found to be in breach of that agreement you are putting your job at risk."

source - msn


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