Masood gets desperate and dangerous

EastEnders' character Masood is going to reveal a dangerous and darker side, actor Nitin Ganatra has revealed.

The Walford postman is already under pressure as he tries to raise the money to reopen his family's restaurant, the Argee Bhajee.

Nitin told Inside Soap: "We're shooting scenes at the moment that are really exciting. Masood is becoming darker and more desperate, and we could even see him become a little bit dangerous with his actions.

"He'll find himself increasingly isolated from his wife and his family - it's going to be brilliant to watch."

Masood is worried he might lose his wife Zainab as well as his business, as she turns to her first husband Yusef for a loan.

Nitin said: "Masood's paranoid that something is going on between Zainab and Yuesf. Zainab could have gone to anyone for that money, but she chose to borrow it from her ex-hubby."

source - msn


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