Rita misses 'sister' Sam Womack

Rita Simons reckons life on the EastEnders set is going to be far more miserable without Samantha Womack around.

The pair play sister Roxy and Ronnie, and although the characters have had their ups and downs, it seems the actresses are firm friends.

"Oh, it's going to be awful (when Samantha leaves)," Rita told Digital Spy. "I'm dreading it, I'm absolutely dreading it. She really is like my sister, and even though I'm sure it'll be fine as I have so many friends here, to think that she won't be around is really quite depressing! But I'll have to get on with it!"

Rita should be able to take her mind off things by throwing herself into some forthcoming storylines, including the development of Roxy's relationship with Michael Moon, a character who's been compared to Archie by EastEnders' producer Bryan Kirkwood.

"I don't think that Roxy is aware that he's so much like Archie at the moment," said Rita. "She doesn't quite know why she likes him, but she definitely does enjoy being in a relationship with him. I think it's the most interested that Roxy has been in someone since Sean. Roxy isn't quite sure what it is about Michael that makes her like him, but as Rita, I'm sure that it's because he reminds her of her dad."

source msn


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