Sam Womack wants to leave quietly

Samantha Womack has said she doesn't want a lot of fuss when she leaves EastEnders.

Her character Ronnie is about to confess she stole baby Tommy from Kat and Alfie next week, and the 38-year-old actress is set to exit the show.

But Sam told Inside Soap: "I don't want it to be a big deal. I'll be saying goodbye to a lot of close friends, and telling them that I love them all dearly.

"But I think I'll just want to creep out of the studio during my leaving party."

Samantha has played independent businesswoman Ronnie for four years. After seeing her character's breakdown on screen following the death of her baby, the actress is ready to move on as she joins a brand new production of the musical South Pacific.

She said: "Rehearsals start soon, so I need to stop eating and get myself back in shape.

"I can't wait to pull my dancing shoes on again - it's five years since I was last on stage, in Guys And Dolls."

Source - MSN


Anonymous said…
nooo ronnie is my favorite character :( why do all my fave characters leave :'(

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