Scott: Jack can't cope losing Tommy

Scott Maslen has said he thinks his EastEnders alter ego, Jack, is truly heartbroken by being forced to hand baby Tommy back to Kat and Alfie.

"Jack is distraught - he loves the baby like he's his own," the former Strictly Come Dancing and The Bill star told Inside Soap.

"It feels like he's losing his own child. Jack can normally cope when things go wrong, but this situation has brought him to his knees."

There won't be a dry eye anywhere when Jack finally opens up his heart to Alfie.

"Alfie is really supportive - Jack was there for him when he thought Tommy had died, and now the roles are reversed," added Scott. "Jack can't stop loving Tommy, but knows the lad will forget him eventually - he's only three months old.

"Added to that, Jack loves Ronnie. There's an unbreakable bond between them, despite what's happened. One day he might even be able to understand why Ronnie did what she did..."

The emotional scenes can be seen next week.

source - msn


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