Shane: Plot overshadowed baby news

Shane Richie has revealed he was reluctant to announce he is to become a father for the fifth time because of the controversial EastEnders baby swap plot.

The EastEnders actor, who plays loveable rogue Alfie Moon, revealed earlier this month his wife Christie is eight months pregnant with the couple's third child, who will be a girl, while onscreen Alfie and Kat have been grieving for their baby Tommy, who they thought was dead.

Shane told Inside Soap: "It never felt like the right time to announce the pregnancy.

"People kept asking me about the cot-death story, and it would have felt strange tagging on the end 'by the way, we're expecting a baby'."

Next week Kat and Alfie will learn that little Tommy didn't die at all, but was swapped with Ronnie and Jack's tragic son James. Shane also revealed he was getting support from a very close workmate.

"Jessie (Wallace, who plays Alfie's wife Kat) has been texting Christie all the time. Close friends and family knew, but I wanted to keep the two things separate. This is my life with Christie, whereas on screen, people just see me as Alfie Moon."

Source MSN


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