Shona: I want to play a vampire

EastEnders' Shona McGarty has revealed she would love to play a vampire.

The soap star, who plays troubled teen Whitney Dean, confessed she is a huge Twilight fan and is keen to sink her teeth into the role of a blood-sucking vampire.

Shona said: "I just love Twilight. I love the make-up, I love the vamp look, I'd like to be in it."

She went on: "I'd like to play a vampire. I've always wanted to play somebody in a a scary film. I just love it, I love the storylines and everything."

The 19-year-old actress also revealed that while Whitney may have just escaped the clutches of pimp Rob, life in Albert Square will still be hard for her.

Whitney said: "I think things are going to get easier for her... well, it's never going to be easy for her, she's had to deal with so much. It gets easy and then it gets worse..."

source - msn


Anonymous said…
I'm a Twilight fan too. I would also love to be a vampire too. My favorite vampires are Jasper and Alice because I like guy's with long hair and I am just like Alice. Keep on hoping to be assigned as a Vampire in a show Shona. I would actually like to see you as a vampire and I would actually like it. If nothing else, tryout for a role in True Blood.

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