Stefan: Greg would love to be a dad

EastEnders actor Stefan Booth has revealed his character Greg Jessop would love to be a father.

The soap star thinks his toy boy character is keen to start a family with fiancee Tanya Branning, who already has three children, but isn't sure Greg will ever get his wish.

Stefan said: "I'm sure kids would definitely be on the list of wants for Greg, everything that's secure and 2.4 and blissfully normal, but it's EastEnders isn't it?

"You're in EastEnders, the sky could fall on your head next with no prior warning, everything changes on a dime, so watch this space."

The builder is due to marry Tanya next week, but the wedding is not set to run smoothly as Tanya still has feelings for her ex-husband Max, who is involved in a car crash with her daughter Abi on the way to the church.

Tanya may have doubts on her big day, but Stefan insists Greg really loves Tanya.

He said: "Greg adores Tanya - it's all he wants, he just wants a long-lasting, loving relationship, and to be honest with you it's nice to see that in a soap. It's unusual.

"Greg's going to have a great time. I think he's going to be remarkably oblivious to most of what's going on until the last minute in true Greg style.

"But it's what he's been building up to for the last few months, it's what he's always wanted with Tanya. And it's great to have a good old soap wedding isn't it?"

Source - MSN


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