Wadia: I want some wedding drama

Nina Wadia hopes her EastEnders character Zainab Masood will wreak havoc at her eldest son Syed's rumoured wedding to his boyfriend Christian.

She told Inside Soap: "I'd love for that to happen! I want Zainab to wreck Syed and Christian's wedding!

"Yes, it would be so special for them and they'd really deserve to have a lovely day after all they'd been through. Mind you, having said that, it's the only wedding she wouldn't be fighting to plan, isn't it? As Zainab, I'd love to completely destroy their big day!"

However, Nina admitted playing somebody so homophobic is far from easy. She said: "Her homophobia is very hard to play, and it's the only thing I really hate about Zainab. As an actor, you worry that people out there might believe that you're like that in real life, and I am so not!

"But it's down to the believability of the character. If I can find even one per cent of my character that might say it, I'll say it. If I felt in my entire being that she wouldn't, I would fight to not say it."

source - msn


Anonymous said…
zainab already did wreck syed and amiras wedding so she soul not wreck this one!

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