Bhatti: It's all smiles off-camera

EastEnders stars Ace Bhatti and Nitin Ganatra have insisted they are great pals when the cameras stop rolling.

Their characters, Dr Yusef and Masood, are currently locked in a tug-of-love for Zainab's affections, with the doctor doing anything in his power to split up the couple.

But Bhatti told Inside Soap: "I've known Nitin and Nina Wadia, who plays Zainab, for a very long time and we've always got on very well.

"Nitin and I play tense scenes together so it's nice that we can have a laugh afterwards."

It seems the soap stars who play the Masoods are jokers on set, which means working with them is even more of a joy for Ace.

He said: "They're so welcoming. There's a lot of joking about. I'm having a great time at EastEnders - it's a real privilege to be here."

source - msn


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